Tricky Customer Workshop

Our Methods are all about teaching you how to deal with tricky customers through effective techniques and enjoying yourself in the Process!!!

5 steps for success with tricky customers

  • Use Verbal language content and process to manage trickiness
  • Pre-empt tricky behaviour
  • Remain constructive at all times
  • Identify if someone is being tricky
  • Try to avoid constant reaction to them

Find out More about our Workshops

  • Confidence
  • Customer Connection
  • Soft sell
  • Reality check

We will teach you Tricky Motives to be aware of

  • Tiredness
  • Crisis everywhere
  • Environment
  • Lack of understanding
  • Hidden agenda
  • Different agenda
  • Not wanting to talk all the time
  • Feeling under consulted
  • Wasting time
  • Over enthusiasm
  • Wanting to prove a point
  • Showing off

Once you learn the strategies and methods we will share with you… you will NEVER need to be in fear of an AWKWARD  customer again.

We will discuss....
Your approach


  • Explore the anger and frustration
  • Get to the heart of the matter without confrontation
  • Open up the discussion

Doing this has long term benefits

  • Customers see you as more impartial.
  • You win People over
  • You defuse the situation
  • People believe their concerns are being taken more seriously
  • You take the customer with you.

We will help you......

  • Put your ideas forward as suggestions rather than proposals
  • Build on their ideas
  • Understand where their trickiness is coming from
  • Report what you observe
  • Give constructive feedback

and make sure your language is.....

  • Remaining clear and calm
  • Varied your pace and tone to suit the situation
  • Using peoples names

Remember: As an established and successful training company, we are sharing our methods with you so that it will save you the time and energy we spent

Our approaches are genuine proven methods that we use daily for our own clients and generate revenue for our own business.
So sign up and see what we can do for you…….

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Our approaches are genuine proven methods that we use daily to generate revenue for our own business.
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