Small Business Retreat

Have you started your own business but have not achieved the success that you expected?

There are currently 4 million Small Medium (SME) in the UK, because so many entrepreneurs are now following their passions and wanting to escape the employed Rat Race… GOOD ON YOU!

But once SME’s start the journey, they often realise that they are not fully equipped with the resources or knowledge in the following areas:

  • Cashflow / Raising Finance
  • Business Structure and Strategy
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Establishing a Successful Mindset and Keeping Motivated

Just ask yourself, are you 100% confident in all of these areas and are you reaching the targets that you initially set for your business?

Small Business Retreat is a retreat specifically designed for entrepreneurs and SME’s. We have identified exactly why most businesses fail and we have recruited the EXPERTS in these areas to share their insider knowledge. They have promised to deliver massive VALUE all weekend, so you can walk away with tangible results, rather than just feeling hyped up with no clue of what to do!


After the weekend you are GUARANTEED to have:

  • Developed a strategic growth plan for your business
  • Accessed the Success Principles of a peak performance and a successful mind
  • Gained leadership techniques & models on how to structure your business
  • Learnt a unique system to identify & own your IP
  • Learnt techniques in cold calling, social media & email marketing
  • Identified new sources of raising finance & training on how to pitch to investors

What Does This Mean For You?

  1. You will identify where your business is not performing, address who is responsible & have an accountability system in place.
  2. You will learn how to overcome your limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  3. You will have access to resources to improve your cashflow or to raise finance for growth
  4. You will learn how to structure your business so you can grow internationally & help with your time management
  5. You will be able to market your business in a way that blows away your competition.

Our approaches are genuine proven methods that we use daily for our clients in our business.
So sign up and see what we can do for you…….

Book here for single delegate - £197+VAT

Book here for a group of ten delegates - £1,970+VAT

Best Regards
The Bitesize Group

Our approaches are genuine proven methods that we use daily to generate revenue for our own business.
P.S. Remember, there is absolutely ZERO RISK to you when you try out our products as if you do not find it works for you …… pay us nothing!
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