Effective Leadership Programme


To equip delegates with an appreciation of the major approaches to leadership so they are able to select the most appropriate leadership style(s) in different contexts


  • Introduction – aims and purpose of leadership; how leadership styles impact on staff (relationships with the leader and with one another, team performance, morale)
  • The range of leadership styles – earliest ideas on leadership styles, through to current theory and practice
  • Factors that impinge on choice of leadership style – people, task, situation/environment
  • Own leadership style and the natural preference
  • Selecting appropriate leadership style(s) in a range of given situations

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the programme delegates should:

  • Be aware of the impact of leadership styles, on staff and their performance at work
  • Be able to discuss the different styles of leadership and explain the key points of each
  • Be able to outline the factors that should be taken into account when deciding the best leadership style in a given situation
  • Briefly outline the likely impact(s) of choosing a particular style, on staff, their performances and their relationship to the leader
  • Choosing a style to suit a range of given scenario situations and explain in each case why that choice was made
  • Identify ones naturally preferred leadership style

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