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“I have attended one of the programmes outside of membership. I learned to build a sustainable business, took on board what I did learn, and shortly there after built a business that was turning over massive profits each year!”

John Munro

If there was one dynamic step that has helped us more than anything else to generate sustainable growth, it would be the ferocious and never-ending accumulation of information.

It has been our experience that you can be incredibly good at what you do, or give great value, but if you don’t know how to sell, market and build a business, then you will always struggle to have success.

On the other hand, We have seen people with the right strategies and business formulas become wildly popular, and have sensational success.

Yes!!! It can be completely about your entrepreneurial ability to run a high-performance business. Our membership and programmes cover this in great detail.

The Bitesize Group Membership Programmes are going to teach you how to quickly build your own thriving business. You get to learn directly from us via our membership and our training programmes.
Delivered through onsite training, modules, bonus sessions, audios, videos, question and answer sessions and more, much, much more.

We will personally be sharing with you the insider secrets that will put you closest to the cash in your business and will keep you there as you create spectacular growth!

People have paid us a lot of money for the very same information that you will be learning with us.

The impact in your business could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars…......

“After only eighteen months of applying Gerry and Torkilds Concepts, I am now CEO of my own business. If I can do it, you can do it!”

Matt Staff
PPI Reclaim Ltd.

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Here is a taste of what you are going to learn from us here at The Bitesize Group. Remember this is only a small taste of what is in our membership. We also have these programmes available outside of membership at different price points.

The secrets revealed to creating a massively successful business that even the biggest competitors will wonder how to deal with you. Its value is unlimited, you will be receiving as part of your membership.


You will discover in these series of modules…

  • The little known secret to understanding market research that even beginners can start using right away
  • Fundamentals principles to having a very good business model
  • The biggest mistake most business owners make that stops them from being able to make cash fast
  • How to analyse your competitors to create a navigation map that can increase your chances for success 10 times over
  • The biggest mistakes business owners make that keeps them from making serious revenue

How To Create a Corporate Culture That Instantly Transforms Your Business into a Cash Machine

Here is some of what you will discover in this element of Membership…

  • How to gain clarity about your business growth
  • How to get clarity before you take action
  • The most important questions you need to ask yourself before beginning business growth or deciding on new directions for your business
  • Why you already have everything you need to build a hugely successful empire … and how to tap into endless winning ideas!
  • How to build trust with your prospects … and evoke powerful emotions that compel them to take the actions that you want them to take!
  • The BIGGEST mistake most start ups make and how to fix it.


How to Map Out Your Future and Sell it Irresistably To Prospects

Here is what you will discover in these Membership Modules…

  • The reasons most business owners have no clue what business they are really in
  • The simple strategy that when applied will allow you to make a powerful impact in the world and make you so attractive to customers that you may actually have to start turning them away!
  • Uncover our secret business formulas
  • The most powerful strategies you can practice when finding business
  • The quickest way to get your clients or team pumped up and enthusiastic about the future
  • Step-by-step ways to build trust with prospects for rapid growth

The Road-Map To Managing Your Time Efficiently That Will Make You Wonder How You Ever Struggled For Time

Here is what you will discover in these Membership modules…

  • Discover how to use your time in the most effective and efficient way to get the results you want
  • The reasons you are not doing as well in your Business today
  • The strategy that you can use to evaluate any new business opportunity that comes your way and how to know exactly when to walk away and when to make a leap forward and grab the opportunity
  • The methods of managing a team for high-performance that is shared by industry greats
  • How to get your team operating in the most effective and efficient way to hit your targets as you are rapidly growing your dream
  • The crucial strategies you need to implement to cement your goals and the required steps you need to take to maximise your power and drive

The Secrets We Will Share To Help You Build A Profitable Pipeline.

 Here is what you will discover

  • The forgotten strategies that will prevent you from being broke
  • How to breakthrough the barriers of a lack of money or a lack of time in order to accelerate your business growth
  • How your business can skyrocket with some simple tweaks to your thinking
  • The most important points you have got to know that will give you the persistence to pursue your dreams and the tenacity to keep going
  • The most crucial steps you must take that will cause people to pull out their wallets and invest in you and your dreams
  • Some laser-focused strategies to pull yourself immediately out of any challenging financial situation


“Within one year of joining the Bitesize Membership and doing one of their programmes my net worth increased ten fold"

Phil Anderson
Professional Speaker / Trainer

The Bitesize Group Membership Programme Has A Value Of Thousands And Thousands Of Pounds! The True Value Could Be The Difference Between Success And Failure. The Value Could Be Hundreds Of Thousands Of Pounds, And The Value WILL Actually Be – More For Some.


In our ground breaking membership levels, we reveal through a variety of modules a lot of information. Think of it as an ideal platform approach to building the business empire of your dreams. In our training and membership modules, we will actually cater for all learning styles and help you to build the business of your dreams.

We have left no stone unturned. You are joining a membership programme packed to the rafters with information and techniques of how to improve your business.

No matter what products, services or programs you offer, you will have the confidence to know that you can build a business that thrives, makes you money and builds a residual income.

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2 90 Minute Question And Answer Sessions With Gerry Where He Responds To Some Of The Most Urgent Business Questions – These Answers Can Make The Difference Between Success And Failure In Your Business.
Value- Unlimited


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You will also be notified of the dates and times for each of the training modules. If you miss the listed date or time, each training module will be posted into your online account so that you can participate in the replays.


P.P.S. – When you enroll into our membership, we are also going to throw in other bonuses with ourselves that are not listed here. We are doing this to assist you in taking your business skills to the highest level possible.
It is time to stop thinking on a small scale and start building the business of your dreams!!


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